"Shogo" Francis Crane is a Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA) based artist who composes electronic music and designs atmospheric soundscapes.

The beginning of his interest in music happened in 4th grade when he picked up his first violin. His father, who was a salesman for Casio, brought home demo products of keyboards he was selling. Shogo's interest in music made a sudden turn to electronic instruments and keyboards.

Fascinated by the synth sounds of 70's bands like Styx, Steve Miller Band and Yes, Shogo's interest soared in the 80's with bands like New Order, Depeche Mode, Art of Noise and Ministry. Also the recent surge of New Age music piqued his interest in soundscaping, thanks to artists like Vangelis, Kitaro and Jean Michael Jarre.

Fueled by the Industrial and techno scenes of the early 90's, Shogo and long time friends Jonny Quest, Jealous Jester, Kerr and Arik Xist, formed an experimental noise band named P.W.O.W. Modelling a lot of their sounds after bands like Vancouver's Front Line Assembly, Skinny Puppy and the WaxTrax scene of Chicago as well as Throbbing Gristle. P.W.O.W was quickly becoming a talked about band in the electronic scene in Minneapolis.

With extended stays at the famous Goth ridden "Rollins House" in Dinkytown, Shogo learned all he could about the different sounds each types of instruments could make and also dabbled in being a DJ. Performing in Chicago and Atlanta and several small venues, Shogo still preferred making new music over playing others music.

P.W.O.W, eventually went their separate ways and Shogo moved on to creating more ethereal sounds with bands like Delerium, Conjure One and Enigma inspiring him.

In 2010, Shogo released his first EP "Canticles For Seraphim" as a digital release. This was a doorway that opened up a whole new world of music to him. Since then, Shogo has been working on the next phase of his musical journey entitled "Sanctum of Gaia".

Canticles For Seraphim

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