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Lush, worldly and sweeping soundscapes mixed with electronic beats and vocal chanting ease you into a mist filled world where curiosity and exploration will lead you to an enchanting listening experience.

A b o u t

Inspired by life experiences and music , Shogo is a blend of electronic and worldly instrumentation. Bringing together past and future soundscapes to take you on a journey through space and time.

The first releases of Shogo, or Francis Crane, were on his self-released EP
Canticles For Seraphim as well as a cover of Vancouver Electronic Legends
Front Line Assembly's Plasticity, found on the Replicate 02 Tribute album
released on MoMT records in 2010.

For his next album, Shogo will continue the journey that Canticles for Seraphim started by releasing a full length album entitled Sanctum of Gaia.

Shogo: Canticles for Seraphim

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